Thursday, November 20, 2014

"Mad Love" Ambigram Logo

Have you seen the Mad Love shoes at Target? I bought a pair about a year ago & found myself staring at the tag, wondering what the brand name was & why was it so hard to read? Then I realized... it's an ambigram!

"Mad Love" Ambigram (not mine!)

And they do love their logo! You can find it on the hanger, on the tags, on the insole, sole, and even the metal buttons decorating the shoes.

The ambigram could use a little work, but I do still appreciate finding them out in the wild! For one thing, the right side of the V doesn't need to be short to look like an M... the L doesn't need to be disconnected at the top... the O could be rounder. As I was typing this out I couldn't resist making a few tweaks to the photo above to show you what I mean. (Original on top, changes on bottom)

"Mad Love" Ambigram Tweaks

Very small changes, but I find it a lot easier to read. What do you think?

As for the shoes... I'm not a huge fan. They are cute & cheap, but the back on my flats slumped down so that they are constantly falling off my heel. I'm always having to stop & wiggle/jam my heel back in. Very annoying! I'd be willing to try their boots or something if I wore different styles, but I pretty much live in flats or flip flops, depending on the season. ;)

Have you spotted any ambigrams in the wild?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

2014 Halloween - Costumes & Food

I've been so busy posting all of the Halloween cuteness on the kids' blog that I'm a little late sharing it here! This year Orson (4 yrs) wanted to be a "pumpkin, with a little pumpkin hat" ~

10-14 Orson's costume, 1

2014 Fall festival, 9

And we re-used his old Ewok costume for Pandora (1.5 yr) ~

10-14 Panda's costume, 1

10-14 Panda's costume, 3

We were sick the two weeks before Halloween & had to re-schedule our party. Luckily everyone was free for the new date! We didn't dress up on Halloween, but did the day after for the party. I don't know if we will bother to next year though!

I dressed as Ariel (Little Mermaid), when she first gets her legs & wraps up in a sail ~

2014 My costume

Reference pic ~

Justin was Heisenberg from Breaking Bad ~

2014 Justin's costume

Reference pic ~

I didn't go crazy with the food this year but made a couple of things. Here are the creepy & delicious Mummy Meatloafs. Here are some general directions, and I used her Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf recipe. Yum!

Mummy meatloaf

I also made these Pumpkin Dinner Rolls that got bumped off of last year's line-up. They were very tasty & cute, but only a few really looked like pumpkins & the rest were blobs. The recipe made a *ton* & we ate these for days! I probably won't make this one again.

Pumkin rolls

Our friends brought over some Bloody Band-aid Cookies ~

Bloody bandaid cookies

And bloody cake!

Bloody cake

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! And now we are weeks away from Thanksgiving and multiple birthdays. Yikes!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

KK Slider Pumpkin

This year we all agreed that I should carve my pumpkin with a design from Animal Crossing, which I'm totally obsessed with lately. I decided to carve KK Slider, who should be pretty recognizable to anyone who's played the games before. Based on this picture ~

2014 Carving pumpkins, 6

And here it is alongside my 4 year old's pumpkin on our front steps (drawn by him, carved by dad). I guess little sis & the cat felt left out & decided to jump in the pic ~

2014 Carving pumpkins, 5