Tuesday, September 29, 2009

BMX Stunt Show

The best show at the fair is the yearly BMX Stunt Show. I'm surprised I was able to get photos of the tricks at all, but I quickly learned that I had to snap the pic as soon as their heads peaked over the ramp (to accommodate the slow shutter speed).

BMX Stunt Show - 1

BMX Stunt Show - 2

BMX Stunt Show - 3

BMX Stunt Show - 4

BMX Stunt Show - 5

BMX Stunt Show - 6

Monday, September 28, 2009

North GA Fair

Took a little trip yesterday...

North GA Fair '09, #1

North GA Fair '09, #2

North GA Fair '09, #3

North GA Fair '09, #4

This is the real reason we come ~

North GA Fair '09, #5

Friday, September 25, 2009


A site I have been really addicted to lately is Lang-8...

Lang-8 - front page
(Large image here)

Basically, you write blog entries in the language you are learning, and native speakers of that language will correct them for you. You, in turn, correct the entries for people learning English (Which can be addicting on it's own! (I love seeing the funny word phrases that people can come up when they are learning English.)

On your profile page you can see a list of your friend's recent entries, other entries in English awaiting correction, corrections you've left for others, and more. It is customizable, so you can keep track of only the things you care about. (I don't really want to watch all new entries, or those left in the language I am learning, for example)

Lang-8 - front page
(Large image here)

When I signed up, I was not really expecting to post in Japanese, I was looking for a place where I could ask for help translating harder words and sentences. I had just finished learning the kanji, but not yet had time to learn which kanji were used for the vocabulary I'd already learned. I tried writing a few sentences, partially because I felt obligated, and I realized that I was actually able to do it after all.

I've been studying a lot of grammar and vocabulary since then, and now it is pretty fun to try to put together sentences. And exhausting! I get through about 5-7 sentences and I am wore out. Here's a little section from my latest entry (I also write the sentences in English underneath, in case there is some word where I am really off base) ~

Lang-8 - correction

One day I need to do the same thing with speaking and listening, but I definitely don't feel ready for that yet. I don't know that I'll every *really* feel ready, but this site has at least taught me the importance of trying.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quilt Show, Detail Shots

A couple of things that caught my eye at the quilt show...

Quilt Show, Detail Shot - 1

Quilt Show, Detail Shot - 2

(The shirts were Justin's favorite)

Quilt Show, Detail Shot - 3

Quilt Show, Detail Shot - 4

Quilt Show, Detail Shot - 5

Quilt Show, Detail Shot - 6

Monday, September 21, 2009

Mom's Day

Saturday was all about mom. First we stopped by a Chinese buffet. They had the prettiest steam buns shaped like little peaches, I had to take a pic...

Peach-shaped Steam Bun

Then Justin, mom, and I were off to the quilt show. I took few detail shots from the show, which I'll share later on. We had to rush out of there early though, because...

Quilt Show - Marietta, Ga

We had to get mom to her surprise 50th birthday party!

Mom's 50th Birthday

Well, she knew she was going to have a party that weekend, because she asked for one, but she didn't know where, or when, or which day, etc. It was a bit of drive to the party from the quilt show, and as soon as we got on the interstate, she knew what was going on. But up until then she had no idea that was why we were driving her around for the day, or why dad had to leave that morning for a 'work emergency'. I'd say it went pretty well!

Mom's 50th

Friday, September 18, 2009

Hearts & Stars

"A&R" Heart Design

"A&R" Heart Design

"Gage" Heart Design

"Gage" Heart Design

"BRM" Star Design

"BRM" Star Design

"EAMCJ" Heart Design

"EAMCJ" Heart Design

"Desmond" & "Dominic" Heart Design

"Desmond" & "Dominic" Heart Design

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Ambigram.com asked me to do an interview for their site. I thought the questions were pretty fun, Nikita did a great job. You can see the interview here.

Monday, September 14, 2009


I typed up the recipes for the two Asian style soups I blogged recently about. I also looked up all of the nutritional information, and it turns out that they are both very low in calories. Filling, tasty, and pretty healthy! Click the titles to go directly to My Recipe Book.

Asian Chicken & Rice Soup

Chinese Chicken & Rice Soup

Hearty Won Ton Soup

Won Ton Soup

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ambigram Drop

"Jacob" & "Sophie" Ambigram

"Jacob" & "Sophie" Ambigram

"Jenne" & "Shawn" Ambigram

"Jenne" & "Shawn" Ambigram

"Brellim" Ambigram

"Brellim" Ambigram

"Parker Daniel" Ambigram

"Parker Daniel" Ambigram

"Trevor" & "Tyler" Ambigram

"Trevor" & "Tyler" Ambigram

"Always" & "Forever" Ambigram

"Always" & "Forever" Ambigram

"Skylar" Ambigram

"Skylar" Ambigram

"Madison" Ambigram

"Madison" Ambigram

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Won Ton Soup, revisited

I've been looking through some of my neglected recipes and saw the photos of the Won Ton Soup we made a while back. We only made it once, so we completely forgot about it, even though it turned out incredibly good!

Won Ton mix

We followed everything I wrote down before and the soup turned out lovely, so I think it's ready to share. I used the round wrappers we had on hand, but I'm not sure if they are official 'won tons' without the square wrappers. I think I'll include folding directions for both styles.

Won Tons wrapped

The only downside ~ with a small amount of ingredients, you can make a *lot* of won tons. This recipe makes 40-50 won tons, which is enough for 7-8 large portions. And I'm using things like 1 pack of mushrooms, 1/2 lb. sausage, 1 can water chestnuts... it wouldn't work too well to halve it. But there are only two of us! Next time I'm going to see how well they may freeze.

Won Ton Soup

Mmmm... so good!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This summer, orders were a little odd. Nearly everyone wanted to see preliminary sketches of their ambigram, and also wanted to see changes on those sketches. That is odd enough, but then they would disappear for weeks in between emails so that everything dragged on for months. Some are still in limbo.

I have learned not to bother with more than one reminder email, because they almost always get the response "Oh, I'm sorry, we've been busy. I'll look over the sketches again and get back to you this week." That, of course, does not happen.

Anyway, there was one order where the customer paid for extra sketches so that she could choose between a number of fonts. It's been long enough that I'm not sure if she will pick one, but I wanted to go ahead and share them because she chose some fun fonts. It's also neat to see the same words done in several different styles together like this.

All of the sketches read as "Harley Z Angel" ~

"Harley Z Angel" Ambigram Sketch #1

"Harley Z Angel" Ambigram Sketch #2

"Harley Z Angel" Ambigram Sketch #3

"Harley Z Angel" Ambigram Sketch #4

"Harley Z Angel" Ambigram Sketch #5

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chinese Chicken & Rice Soup

I have been so addicted to this soup lately. It's cheap, low calorie, filling, and so good!

Chinese Chicken & Rice Soup

Chicken, rice, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, napa cabbage, and green onions. It's really close to the Sizzling Rice soup from our favorite Chinese restaurant, minus the shrimp (and the sizzling, of course). I'll have the recipe ready for you soon, I promise!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Puzzles, puzzles

Can you believe is it already September? I think the temperature dropped 10 degrees as soon as the calendar page flipped. In Georgia there is summer and winter, but very little in between.

Yesterday I pulled out one of the smaller screens and attempted to burn my owl pattern onto one. Justin suggested the idea, so that I could at least start printing a little again while I'm trying to get the large screens to work. And I admit, I was eager to see a screen turn out again, to reassure myself that I am capable of burning the image.

So, of course, the small screen turned out miserably too! The good news is that this means that the large screens are probably not to blame. The bad news? The problem could be anything, and I have no clue what to fix. Something wrong with the emulsion, soap, lighting, timing, transparencies? The list goes on and on. As far as I know, I'm doing everything the same as before, and the screens turned out perfectly then. I'm beyond sick of the not-knowing, the the exhaustion of cleaning out huge screens, and am going to start seriously looking around for someone to burn the screens for me.

Most frustrating craft ever!

Luckily, I think we are past the slump in orders, the last month has been dead. And yesterday I was thrilled to get my hands on a copy of the new Professor Layton game (new to the US at least). If you have fun answering all of those little puzzles they use on IQ tests, you'll love this game. (Cough, cough, Sarada)