Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wrapping things up

Sometimes I feel like pretty wrapping...
Damask & Snowflakes

But sometimes nothing beats good ol' tacky Christmas cat paper....
Tacky Cat Wrapping

I am having so much fun with the word bubble gift tags I threw together!

Speaking of cute cats, we picked up these Hello Kitty walkie talkies for my nieces. I'm not usually a fan of super-girly-pink stuff, and have never been too interested in Sanrio, but I was tempted to keep these! I think the small size is what won me over.

Sanrio walkie talkies


Anonymous said...

so cute!!! where did you get it??

Tharvey said...

Where did I get what? The cat paper was from Big Lots & I don't remember for the green (Hobby Lobby?), but both of them were from years ago so I'm sure they are not around anymore. The walkie talkies were from Amazon, but I've seen them other places too.