Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Georgia... I have to hand it to you. *Real* snow!

Feet in snow

Normally I hear about the 'threat' of snow a week beforehand. Every day people are throwing around percentages. There is so much hype as the day approaches, and then all we get is a few flurries and ransacked grocery stores. (Much like the attempt earlier this year)

Snowy archway

This snow caught me totally off guard, with only an email from Justin telling me to 'look outside'. The weather had been warming up, I thought winter was coming to an end, and here we suddenly have more that I've seen in Georgia since 1993!

We walked around all morning, snapping plenty of pictures. The trees were so beautiful.

Snowy branches

Me in snow

Justin in snow

We spotted this tiny snowman on a car during our walk. Later, as we were running some errands, I saw a very similar snowman on the top of an SUV driving down the road! I don't know how he was staying up there, but with his arms sticking straight out from his sides, he looked like he was enjoying the ride ~ "Wheeeee...!"

Tiny snowman sighting

But, I don't think any of the snowmen compared to our mo-hawked rocker ~

Our snowman

We didn't leave the guitar controller out there, but it was necessary for the photo shoot! His hair began to fall out as he melted, but we saw some teenagers come by and fix his do. Nice to know he was appreciated! Now pretty much all of the snow has melted, but we do still have a snowman butt & half of a middle sitting outside of our window to remind us.

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