Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Flowers & a Feline

For about a week our town was covered in these pretty white flowers (I believe they are cherry blossoms?) ~

Cherry Blossoms

I brought the camera with me one day while checking the mail and was lucky enough to snap a few pics of them before the rain knocked down all the petals the next day. The lighting was already a bit too dim, though, so there is only one decent one to share.

While circling the tree, however, I did come across a much more photogenic neighborhood cat who circled my legs for a while.

Orange Neighborhood Cat - 1

Orange Neighborhood Cat - 2

Orange Neighborhood Cat - 3

Orange Neighborhood Cat - 4

What a stunning little model! Too bad it ended up being a bit crazy ~ when I finally turned to leave it attacked my food and drew blood. Not sure if it was upset that the petting was over, or that I didn't offer it any food as a reward for the previous sweetness.... or maybe it didn't want its photos posted online? Too bad, little kitty!

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