Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Here is the mobile I made for Orson's crib!

I used those Teeny Beanie Babies that came in McDonald's Happy Meals years ago (I've had a bag of them sitting around forever), some painted dowel rods and yarn. The thing is huge! I love the way all of the bars weave in & around one another as it swings about.

Mobile - Full

It seems like most baby mobiles are more for decoration than for the baby to enjoy ~ the objects face the parent & not the baby! (Tons of them are even made with 2-D objects, which is just pointless.) I tried to lean the animals downward to make it a little more interesting than blank animal bellies.

Mobile - Close

Orson loves staring at it. He will kick his feet and giggle as it swings around.

Mobile - Orson

One thing I learned about making mobiles ~ they are very finicky! Everything got off balance pretty quickly, so I taped all of the center strings in place to keep it straight. But the slight shifting of the outer strings was enough to throw it off balance again, so everything got re-adjusted and glued into place. And a little tip for you: Balance the bottom rods first, secure the strings and then work towards the top.

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