Monday, December 6, 2010

Disk Dogs

My to-do list has been a little overwhelming lately. Taking a few days off for Thanksgiving during the Christmas rush really kicked my butt! Then there is all of the Christmas shopping, errand running, and this year we are determined to send out Christmas cards for the first time (with a family photo, which lead to photo shoots). I am so behind on photos & posts ~ hopefully I will be able to catch up when Justin is home for Christmas break. Wishful thinking!

Speaking of being behind on posts, back in October we visited the international Disk Dog championship again. We weren't able to stay for long at all ~ the sun was *insane* that day and there is not much time between Orson's naps, but we saw a few dogs. I had a great time taking pics while I could (Here are the pics from last year.).

Disk Dogs 22

Disk Dogs 4

Disk Dogs 7

Disk Dogs 9

Disk Dogs 8

Disk Dogs 10

Disk Dogs 17

Disk Dogs 14

Disk Dogs 19

And there are a few more over at my Flickr!

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