Thursday, April 14, 2011

Helen, Ga

Last week we celebrated our 7 year anniversary with a quick trip to Helen, Ga. We usually spend the day in Chattanooga, Tn each year (the city where we were married), but after a weekend visit with Justin's parents we were not up for another long drive or a big adventure. We left Orson with his grandmother and explored the nearby tourist town.

Helen, Ga 2011, 1

Helen is decked out German style. There really are a lot of beautiful details on the buildings, including some lovely murals & embellishments.

Helen, Ga 2011, 2

As we walked around we realized we were a little too early, as nearly everything was still closed! I couldn't tell what might be closed for the season or just from the 'early' hour (I think it was 11am already, geez), but we mostly wanted to window shop anyway before stopping here for some German food ~

Helen, Ga 2011, 3

Luckily they opened at 11:30! We ate on the 2nd floor balcony which is actually at the bottom of that picture (the top was closed off). With a new found love of Spaetzle, we sat back & enjoyed the view.

Helen, Ga 2011, 4

After lunch we somehow found room for a pretzel & funnel cake....

Helen, Ga 2011, 5

Which turned out to be a really good idea, since we were too stuffed while stopping by a candy store on the way out to consider buying anything! We were cracking up at the sign though ~

Helen, Ga 2011, 6

"Charlie! We're going to Candy Mountain!"

Oh, and here's a closeup of the "Coming Events" sign from the first pic. So cute ~

Helen, Ga 2011, 7

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