Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sparkle Motion

I almost forgot to post these shots! After shooting off the fireworks we pulled out the sparklers, and I think I enjoyed taking photos of those even more. It's amazing how you can capture so many movements, frozen in one image.

Sparklers, 1

Sparklers, 2

Sparklers, 3

Sparklers, 4

Sparklers, 5

Our best attempt at "Chelsea" ~
Sparklers, 6

And a fitting tribute on the 4th ~
Sparklers, 7

Even though I looked up what settings to change on my camera beforehand, I must have marked it down wrong because they were not working. I switched it over to Av mode and bumped up the number, which gave me the slow shutter speed I was looking for, but with no real control over the timing. Some pictures would snap quickly, while I sat rigidly still during others, waiting forever for the 'click'. One day I'll figure out the settings for real, and in the meantime I'm considering buying a pack of sparklers to experiment with rather than waiting another whole year for the chance!

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