Friday, September 9, 2011

Video Games for Artists & Crafters!

I was really impressed with two video games that I played recently that are geared towards the arts & crafts crowd....

"Drawn to Life" is a game for the DS which lets the player draw using the stylus & touch screen. But this is not one of those virtual art 'games' that lets you mimic the textures of different paints & pens & papers, it is a normal platform game with a twist ~ you create a lot of the content! You draw your character, your weapons, the platforms that you jump on, the item that gives you power-ups, and a lot of other details that are used throughout the game.

Now, I should mention first that I actually played through the sequel to this game (Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter) and not the original, which I thought I was purchasing at the time. The sequel came out last year while the original is a few years older and I don't know how much the two might differ.

I had a blast coming up with crazy things throughout the game, like using a taco that shot beans for my gun, running around with a giant purple pool noodle for a sword, or jumping across pink bars of soap to cross a waterfall. At first I loved creating the items but found the gameplay a little boring, but as the game progresses your character gains the ability to morph into two other creatures ~ a blob that can squeeze through tight spaces & a spider-like creature that can climb walls & shoot webbing. By the end it was exciting to have to switch between the three to find hidden treasures or even just trying to race through a level to stay alive. If you like to draw even a little I think you would have a great time with this game & I can't wait to go back & play through the original.

Now for the sewers & yarn enthusiasts, I bring you "Kirby's Epic Yarn"! While you won't get to using your crafting skills in this game you will definitely enjoy the fact that all of the characters and backgrounds are drawn to look as if they were created out of yarn & fabrics. The fabric aspect is played with throughout the game as Kirby unravels, unstitches, and unzips various objects... and everything is just so darn cute! And it is a great game for different levels of gamers ~ easy if you just want to get through the levels, or more challenging if you try to get silver or gold on every level (I still haven't finished the game!). Or if you are not into gaming at all, you can always buy a copy for your husband or child & just sit back & enjoy the graphics. ;)

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