Saturday, October 8, 2011

JapanFest - Costumes

JapanFest - Blue hair

We were surprised at how many people dressed up or wore costumes for JapanFest! With the big crowd it was sometimes hard to get a photo, but I kept snapping them whenever one popped into view. We were greeted right away by Piccolo ~

JapanFest - Piccolo

One of the most common 'costumes' were the Lolita girls, although for all I know they might dress this way every day! I think this one spotted me ~

JapanFest - Pink Lolita

This mother & daughter set were adorable ~

JapanFest - Lolita family

There was plenty of traditional clothing as well ~

JapanFest - Kimono couple

JapanFest - Merchant

JapanFest - Blue kimono

JapanFest - little girl

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