Monday, February 20, 2012


The last couple of weeks I've had my nose buried in a book!

I wanted something I could do while I was sitting around watching Orson. He'll play intently by himself for long periods of time, as long as I'm nearby, but will not tolerate much computer use. We also go outside for 30 minutes to an hour most days and I'll often find myself sitting on a bench with nothing to do for most of it (while he plays). So I decided to start carrying a book around with me and have since gone through about 4.5 in 2 weeks!

Granted, a lot of them have been young adult/children's novels. After reading an Asimov book and my first from the Discworld series I grabbed "Ella Enchanted", "Princess Diaries", and "Stardust" - all of which I had heard were *so* much better than the movies. While I normally agree with that sentiment, I have to say that in these three cases I'm pretty neutral. Different? Yes, but not really better or worse.

I am enjoying the books greatly, but they do have a downside. I was only looking for something to fill the Orson downtime during the day, yet I get so interested in the stories that I spend my little free time in the evening reading as well. My normal hobbies are suffering! I need to keep reminding myself to save my evenings for blogs and Japanese study and other things.

Any sci-fi/fantasy recommendations?

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