Monday, May 6, 2013

GTD: Baby Clothes Sorting, iPad Deciphering, and More

10 days until the due date and counting down! (And we suspect she'll come/be induced a little early)

Since the start of the year I have been setting aside certain days of the week for themed posts (Monday: Getting Things Done, Wednesdays: Manicures, Sundays: Recent Recipes) and am proud I've been able to stick to the schedule so well! Those weekly deadlines have definitely helped push me to keep with it and I've been posting more than ever!

But those weekly themes have mostly focused on listing *everything*, and I've been itching to get back to more 'normal' posts ~ dropping the lists and focusing more on the interesting recipes & projects. I plan on sticking with the themed posts until the baby arrives and then will probably disappear for a bit until things settle down. Then I can hopefully get into the habit of posting regularly without the set themes or lists. (Though I may keep the lists privately going for myself. It's surprisingly motivating to see how much, or little, you've accomplished during the week!)

By the way, sorry to have skipped the manicures for so many weeks! With all of the extra custom orders & baby prep & cleaning I just can't motivate myself to do anything with them lately!

Last week I...

♦ Made my own taco seasoning! We had some Sazon on hand for those times a recipe needed a little, but the jar finally ran out and I was eager to try this. It smells wonderful & we'll be trying it out in a recipe this week.

♦ I managed to go through all 7 bags of baby clothes from my cousin and get them sorted by size. Here is a picture of the 3 month and 6 month piles!

Baby Clothes Sorting, 3m & 6m

Oh my!! Pandora will definitely be a well dressed baby! Luckily that is the bulk of it ~ there is a slightly smaller 9 month pile and then a few Newborn, 12 months, hats/socks/shoes/etc.

I then went through each size & pulled out my absolute favorites & set the rest aside to go to another home. Once you add in the things I bought, or got from grandmas & the shower, she is still going to have a ton of clothes!

♦ Inspired by the clothes sorting, I pulled out the bag of boys clothes I have set aside for a pregnant friend and checked for any stains. I thought I'd need to treat & wash most of the bag, but since they were not our favorite items I guess they did not get worn as much! (There were also quite a few boys clothes mixed in the above piles, so I was able to add about 30 more things to this bag)

♦ The mower was finally ready to pick up from repairs after 2 1/2 weeks so Justin rushed over & started mowing that night. (He was quite embarrassed about our overgrown yard & was about to go out there with a weed whacker!)

♦ Found a local pediatrician for the baby & Orson - Definitely should have done this sooner, but since we moved we've only had to take Orson in once for an ear ache & just went to the Minute Clinic.

♦ Bought a curtain & rod for the nursery & hung them. Thought I could get away with one panel but we'll definitely need to pick up a 2nd one!

♦ Been working on Thank You cards for the baby shower & am about 2/3 of the way through.

♦ Researched what iPad cases would be good to use around a toddler and decided to order this one. The iPad & case arrived on the same day! I like the case pretty well, but would go with the newer Kraken case or the Griffin Survivor if I was to do it again.

I've also spent a lot of time figuring out how to *use* the iPad, which includes many Google searches to answer my questions. Very sad to see that you can't log-in as different users, but luckily with our different email hosts & such I think Justin and will have fewer problems sharing it than most people would.

♦ And I've been slowly going through some of the ancient bookmarks on my computer. I moved a lot of recipe & craft links over to Pinterest when I started an account there, but had not noticed how many other links were floating around in my folders! Most of them are from *years* ago, and it's quite interesting/depressing to sort through them all.

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