Friday, May 1, 2015

(Low-cal) Chocolate Yogurt

I love cheesecake, so I was very tempted by this Weight Watchers Faux Cheesecake recipe. It calls for a mix of plain Greek yogurt and sugar-free cheesecake pudding mix, and as I stirred them together the texture was lovely & thick like cheesecake, but the flavor was not so great. There was an odd aftertaste that kind of ruined the whole thing, and while the crumbled graham crackers helped hide it a little, it wasn't enough.

We wondered if it was a fakey cake flavor in the cheesecake pudding, like the nasty flavor they like to mix in Birthday Cake & Pecan Pie shakes at restaurants. I tried it again with chocolate pudding and the odd taste was still there, so the Greek yogurt was definitely to blame.

I decided to try one more time with the chocolate pudding mix and (non-Greek) plain yogurt, and loved the result!

(Low-cal) Chocolate Yogurt

Unfortunately the result is not nearly as thick, so you don't get the fun cheesecake consistency, but it is a lovely chocolate flavored yogurt! (And there are not many of those out there. I used to enjoy getting the Yoplait chocolate Whips, until I saw they have 22 grams of sugar! No thank you.) These taste just like the popsicles I used to make with chocolate pudding (prepared with the milk) and vanilla yogurt, but are even easier to make and lower calorie.

Another nice thing about flavoring yogurt yourself is you can make the serving size however large or small you want! I like to divide this between 6 containers, which ends up being about half the size of a normal yogurt. It's just the right amount when I'm having a sweet craving, and at 73 calories, it's low enough to enjoy on a diet day too. So, it's not much of a recipe, but...

Chocolate Yogurt

2 cups (16 oz.) plain yogurt (280)
Small box chocolate sugar-free pudding (160)

1) Add the yogurt to a medium bowl. Sprinkle the top with a small amount of the pudding mix and stir in. Repeat (about 6 times or so) until you've used up the pudding.

2) Divide in to small containers. You can enjoy some right now and chill the rest for later.

Calories - 73 for 1/6 (about 3 oz.)

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