Thursday, May 6, 2010

7 Months (31 weeks)

7 months (31 weeks)

I'm hauling around a lot of weight these days (and it's not just in the belly anymore). I think you can see quite a difference from this & the 5 months shot. Even taking & editing these photos wore me out! Everything does....

Justin was shocked to hear that one of his classmates just had their baby 2 months early. He started rounding up emergency numbers and we are both pretty eager to get that furniture painted and put together now! (Not this weekend though ~ it's Mother's Day!) While I wouldn't wish for it to come that early, 1 month is not sounding so bad right now!!

The good ~ Tonight we are having our first baby class (birthing), and next Wednesday is our first shower! The bad ~ We found out that our deductible for the birth is going to be twice the amount we had thought (and saved already). It will be doable, but I'm not happy about it. And the ugly ~ We didn't get any good shots from the 3-D sonogram because *someone* decided to hold all four appendages in front of his face the whole time. Just photo after photo of colored blobs ~ Oh well!

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Marilyn M. King said...

Double D's!!!!! lol

Sorry you are tired but I hear that right before, you get a LOT of energy to finish everything up. Let's hope you are NOT early.

Glad to hear that at least one shower is in the works. Hope to talk to you on Mother's Day about the other one.

You are looking lovely!