Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chicken Pot Pancakes

We tried out Rachael Ray's Chicken Pot Pancakes recipe with mixed results. You toss cooked chicken, peas, carrots, celery, and onions in pancake mix, cook the pancakes like normal and then top with a creamy sauce. It's such a fun idea, but there are definitely some things I'll do differently next time around.

Chicken Pot Pancakes, batter

We forgot to pick up actual pancake mix and used some waffle mix that we already had on hand, but they turned out a little too sweet. I'd like to try it again with 'real' pancake mix next time, but am happy to my own batter from then on if that is still too sweet.

We also noticed that you can not even taste the chicken in the pancakes. It's like it wasn't even in there. I'll definitely be mixing up the ratios when we make these again.

Chicken Pot Pancakes, cooking

I did make one large change this time, and that was the sauce. I am not a fan of dill, and a tarragon and mustard sauce was just not screaming 'chicken pot pie' to me. I used a base of Cream of Chicken soup, thinned it out and added spices, and it turned out perfectly.

Chicken Pot Pancakes, plate

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