Monday, March 21, 2011


I've had a lot of requests lately for logos & other graphics for businesses. I usually just stick them in with a normal 'ambigram drop' but thought it would be fun to put a bunch of them together in a separate post.

"Skinny Dip" Ambigram Logo

"Skinny Dip" Ambigram Logo

This one was actually from a long time ago, created for a swimwear store. The owner painted the logo on the wall in the shop & said he got a great response. (I'm not sure why I didn't post this earlier. I think there was mention of sending a different pic of the painting & so I was waiting on that). The painting looks great!

"SkinnyDip" Ambigram Logo - painted

"Kings Army" Ambigram Logo
Not sure what kind of company this one was for ~

"Kings Army" Ambigram Logo

"Twisted Tricks" Ambigram Logo
For a magician that I've worked with before...

"Twisted Tricks" Ambigram Logo

A few designs for the sexy snowmoblie gear at Sled Divas ~
"Divas Snow Gear" Heart Logo
"Divas Snow Gear" Heart Design

(The girl and snowmobile are from her own logo, not my design)

"Snow Divas" Ambigram
"Snow" & "Divas" Ambigram

"Divas Snowgear" Ambigram
"Divas Snowgear" Ambigram

And this "GTF 289" logo was designed by the customer of this "Grace" & "Faith" ambigram. The letters spell "Eph" upside down, for Ephesians 2 8:9.

"GTF 289" Ambigram Logo

"GTF 289" Logo

Most of the Old English style religious ambigrams were ordered by this same customer, including this recent design ~

"Blood" & "Power" Ambigram Logo

"Blood" & "Power" Ambigram

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