Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Black Shatter

I got this awesome crackle nail polish recently called Black Shatter (from OPI) and can't stop wearing it! Everyone keeps going in for a closer look and asking, "did you do this yourself?!".

OPI Black Shatter polish

I remember trying out crackle polishes when I was very young & they didn't seem to work well, but I might have been trying to put on too thick of a coat & not giving it room to separate. You just put a thin coat on over another polish (in this case a teal Sally Hansen) and watch it shatter as it dries.

The black is pretty matte, so I coated the whole thing with a clear gloss and went for a week without even getting much of a chip (even going to the pool several times!). My polishes never hold up that well normally!

The nails kept reminding me of something, and after a few days I realized what it was. They look exactly like my teal composition book socks!

Composition book socks

So cute. I wish I could find more of them!

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