Saturday, December 31, 2011

Disc Dog 2011

Every year the Disc Dog international championship is held in our town (no idea why!) and we love to go watch the dogs flipping through the air after Frisbees. These pictures are actually from about mid October, but holiday pics kept taking priority!

It runs for two days but we are never able to stay long ~ the first year it was freezing rain, the 2nd year it was a newborn out in the unbearably hot sun, and this year the weather was mild but the toddler was restless.

Disc Dog, 1

Disc Dog, 2

Disc Dog, 3

Disc Dog, 4

Orson did find the jumping dogs hilarious, but could not take the (short) down time between competitors. Justin went on a few walks with him to let him run around & happened to miss all of the really good leaping dogs. We had to leave sooner that we wanted to, but at least I got to see the below duo from the Japanese team.

Disc Dog, 5

Disc Dog, 6

Disc Dog, 7

Disc Dog, 8

Disc Dog, 9

Disc Dog, 10

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