Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Seeing Spots

After sassi214 posted about her new nail dotters I wanted a set myself! While they are meant for decorating fingernails they are really just tools with a metal ball on each end that you can use for lots of different crafts. I already had one for clay and was excited to get a set with different sizes.

The first thing I wanted to use them for was polka dot nails. They were easy & so adorable! (This is after about a week and many minor touchups along the way)

Polka dot nails, 1

Polka dot nails, 2

You an find dotters on eBay for super cheap. The set I got look just like this, although I wish I had a set that gets even larger like these. After the dots I tried to do fish scales but the largest ball was much too small.

Or, instead of buying dotters, you can use anything with a round end for similar results. I saw lots of girls online using a sewing pin stuck into a pencil eraser! Bobby pins or the end of a paintbrush were also suggested. I'll have to hunt around here for something a little larger.

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