Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Polishes

After looking through my Caboodle of polish, I realized that most of the bottles I have are left over from high school & pretty ugly. I decided it was time to stock up a little with some cheap polishes.

First I found some Wet N Wild Fast Dry polishes buy 2 get one free on eBay (3 for $8). Although that actually didn't end up going so well...

Polish, Teal & Dark Gray

I read that WNW "Teal of Fortune" was a good substitute for this gorgeous OPI polish. When it arrived it was much darker than I had imagined & pretty dull on the nail (not much sparkle), though adding a topcoat of green glitter did really help. To make up for it I ordered ORLY's "Halley's Comet", which is supposed to be identical to the OPI color, so I'll probably gift this to my sister-in-law who's a fan of the show.

I picked up the dark metallic gray at Walmart for $2, NYC's "Bowery Black". Half of my wardrobe is dark gray now ~ it's the new cat-hair-friendly-black ~ so I figured that was a good shade to get!

Polish, Purples

The WNW purple is almost worth buying just for the name, "Buffy the Violet Slayer". I know purple can be a hard color to photo sometimes, it likes to turn up as a dark blue, and so I thought that was the reason for the large range of shades that show up in a google search. Turns out they released two different versions with the same name, and this one is not as red as I would like.

Though it is a great match for the purple & blue glitter topcoat I also picked up at Walmart for $2 - Pure Ice "Cheatin". I'll probably keep the WNW, but I've got my eye on this redder purple.

Polish, Silver

The third bottle of WNW is called "Silvivor" (the TV show names crack me up!), and it is a keeper. I was hoping to use it for stamping too but read it was too thin for that so I went back to Walmart (yikes) for a $2 bottle of Pure Ice "Silver Mercedes", which was highly recommended. (I've already used it for stamping & it works great!) "Silvivor" has a lovely shimmer to it, so it looks like it will be the prettier base color.

Polish, Red Pumps

And this was my splurge bottle - a $5 bottle of China Glaze "Ruby Pumps". It's so rich & sparkly, definitely worth the extra couple of bucks. (And I hear it's good for stamping too!) I can never get cherry red to show up on the computer right ~ no matter how I edit it, it's always too orange ~ so you'll just have to imagine this as a gorgeous, deep cherry red.

So, 7 polishes for under $20? Not too bad! Now that I have a few colors I have a feeling future bottles will be a little on the spendy side ~ I have a weakness for duochromes and glitters.

What's your favorite polish color right now?

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