Thursday, March 15, 2012

Plush Rocketship

I came across an old project I forgot to post before ~ a stuffed rocketship that I made for little baby Orson.

Plush Rocketship

I drew up the pattern & used some of the leftover fabric from his curtains, along with some soft red fleece. There are a few windows appliqued on the sides & the fins are lined with a metallic wrapping paper for a nice crinkly noise. I would like to come back to the pattern one day, tweak it a bit & then share it, but I know that will not realistically happen any time soon.

Orson liked his curtains so much that I used the last of the fabric to make a small blanket for him, around the time that I made the rocketship. For once I had not bothered to wash the fabric beforehand and paid the price - it got quite wonky after the first wash & I never went back & ripped out the seams to fix it.

Of course Orson is not much of a baby anymore. He's running full steam ahead and nearing 2 years old!

Firetruck & hat, 1

Bounce N Beans, 3

Bounce N Beans, 6

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