Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Polish - Tinsel Town & Twisted

Here is a newer polish I got called "Tinsel Town" from the China Glaze winter collection. I bookmarked a few polishes that had a 'stone' look to them & picked this as my favorite. (one of them was Orly's "Rock Solid", but I can't remember the third) It's a mix of silver glitters & very pretty in person (better than the pics), but I think it's a little too busy to stamp on so it's best enjoyed on its own.

China Glaze - Tinsel Town

To make it look a little more like stone I tried adding a matte coat. It looks great both ways!

China Glaze - Tinsel Town, matte

I was so surprised I was able to get my hands on the next bottle for cheap!!

Finger Paints "Twisted" is a top coat full of color changing flakes, very pretty & unusual. I marked it as good cheap substitute for a *very* rare & well loved polish called "Unicorn Puke", not really checking the price online (I even prefer this one, since the base coat is clear). Apparently "Twisted" came out in a limited collection earlier this year and was already sold out everywhere & selling for over $50 online! Oh well - file it away under 'never going to happen'.

But then I thought - the only place I've seen selling Finger Paints brand is Sally's Beauty Supply. What are the chances that our Sally's would still have some for $5? I figured it was impossible but worth a shot. A few weeks later I was running errands & dropped by. I scanned the Finger Paints rack... no luck. Moved on to the shelf where they display the new collections, and there sat this little bottle all by itself. The other 4 from that collection look the same in the bottle, so I nervously picked it up to read the name on the bottom, and there it was!

Finger Paints - Twisted, 1

For the brightest color you'll want to layer it over black or another dark color, but you can also wear this over something light for more of an opal effect. Head on you can see traces of dark blue & lots of red, yellow, & green. As you tilt your nails back they shift colors a bit, all turning green at the most extreme angle. Once again - prettier in person!

Finger Paints - Twisted, 2

I was a little tempted to sell this bottle for a big profit, but now the letters are all falling off so I'm going to tell myself that would ruin it for re-sale & just enjoy it myself! I found two others from this collection at another Sally's which have the blue/green or red/yellow/green shift but not the full range of colors like this one. (I bought them to sell but it looks like they only run $10-15.) Meanwhile you might want to make a covert trip to your local Sally's too, just in case! ;)

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