Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Teal Feathers & Abstract Monach Nails

I've been looking for a nice teal polish for a while but I'm pretty picky that it can't be too green or too blue. Looking at pictures online is no help, since the colors vary so much from one pic to the next! I finally saw the lovely ORLY "It's Up to Blue" at the store & snatched it up cheaper online. (Funny thing - the color is *very* similar to the teal polish I mixed up. I guess it really is my perfect teal shade!)

I stamped the teal with Color Club "Wild at Heart", a purple with a slight holo sparkle, and the feather print from Bundle Monster plate BM-212.

Teal Feathers, flat

Unfortunately the extreme glare made it pretty hard to see the print, and it usually looked more like this ~

Teal Feathers, glare

I tried adding a matte coat but the colors were so gorgeous shiny that I was willing to sacrifice the print. (Later in the week I did add the matte coat back to mix things up a little and added a few dots of Klencolor "Metallic Green" for a peacock look.)

For the next manicure I wanted to try stamping over a multi-colored base. I also wanted to avoid blue, purple, and green, since I've been using those a ton lately!

I had trouble finding a few colors that matched well enough & ended up a sheer pink and yellow, overlapping them at the center to create an orange strip. (The polishes are old and partially labeled - Colorbox #63 & "Luscious Lemon".) While this worked pretty well I think using three separate polishes would be much easier, especially when doing touch-ups!

Monarch, colors

Then I stamped over that with Konad special black and a shattered pattern from Bundle Monster plate BM-208.

Monarch, black lines

These nails were so bold, even prettier in person, and they got a lot of compliments! The colors remind me of the 80's, or an abstract Monarch butterfly look. Both of these manicures turned out so nice!


Ashesela said...

Beautiful!!! :D

Lizzy O. said...

Oh my. I love the last picture so much. The stamp is gorgeous over all those colors.

Tharvey said...

Thank you! Those turned out ever better than I expected.