Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sweet (not spicy) Drumsticks

I'm always on the lookout for good chicken wing/drumstick recipes with a thick, sticky, sweet sauce. These Sweet & Spicy Drumsticks looked like a good candidate, and using pineapple juice in the sauce sounded yummy.

As I popped them in the oven I was grumbling about how they looked nothing like the recipe, but I subbed the Sriracha with some red pepper flakes, so I'll forgive it for not having the same red coloring. Simmering for 30 minutes did little to thicken the sauce ~ I think it needs cornstarch mixed in there in addition to coating the chicken (& then just heat it for a few minutes). It did thicken a bit in the oven, but was still thinner than I'd hoped for.

But they did taste delicious!

Sweet (not spicy) Drumsticks

We ended up with a lot of extra sauce, and while it wasn't strong enough on the chicken it was insanely good over rice. After this we actually bought some Sriracha and I used the leftover pineapple juice to whip up another 1/2 batch of sauce just to use on more rice. Unfortunately the sauce was so painfully spicy I had to toss it out, and I even used the lower amount from the recipe!

So yes, we will probably be making this one again, but hopefully with thicker sauce and possibly a *tiny* squirt of the Sriracha. Using wings instead of drumsticks might also help with a higher sauce-to-meat ratio, and I'll definitely be serving it with a side of rice to spoon extra sauce over!

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