Thursday, November 7, 2013

Japanese Books Pic

So I have a little bit of a Flickr mystery on my hands. Apparently this picture of my Japanese books from 3 years ago has gotten very popular for some reason!

Japanese books

I noticed it showing up very high on my stats for a while, but figured someone linked to it or posted it in a forum. Flickr stats are usually not that great at showing where your traffic is coming from, but I finally clicked on the picture & saw people were coming from Flickr searches for things like “books” or “Japanese”. I gave it a try myself.

If you search for “Japanese”, mine is the 4th picture! It’s #1 if you search for “Japanese books”, and even #34 for just “books”. What in the world? Of course now that it shows up that high in the searches it is going to get a lot of clicks, but I have no idea how it got so popular in the first place. I mean, nothing says “Japanese” like a few books on a shelf in an American kitchen.

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