Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone is having a Happy Halloween! Any plans tonight? We did most of our celebrating on Saturday with a Fall Festival (kids in costume) & our party. Tonight we plan on doing a little trick-or-treating & handing out candy at home, but that is it!

This year Orson helped daddy empty out a pumpkin and then drew on a face for daddy to cut while I worked on a 2nd pumpkin. One of my new favorite blogs, Epbot, mentioned using dry erase markers to draw on the pumpkins & they worked great! (I've used Sharpies in the past, but they don't wipe off easily)

2013 Pumpkins, Day

I copied my template from this image, just free-handing it on the pumpkin. Drawing & cutting didn't take too long & I think it turned out great!

2013 Pumpkins, Night

We carved them on Monday & they seem to be holding up pretty well, just starting to sink a little. I think they'll make it through the night! ;)

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