Monday, October 14, 2013

Halloween Monster Cut-out

I haven't had a lot of time to plan crafts with Orson since the baby arrived, but recently he spotted the bottles of craft paint and asked to use them. Sure!

I thought it would be fun to turn the painted papers into a Halloween craft & told him we'd make a monster once they were dry. Before I started cutting them up I asked him if it was OK, yet he still had a big meltdown when he saw me doing it ~ demanding that I get some tape and put his papers back to 'normal'. Toddlers! After nap he had calmed down and was excited about the monster after all.

Monster Cut-out

This was a really simple to create, but the monster turned out so cute! We started with two painted pieces of construction paper & let them dry. I cut & rounded off the corners of one sheet to create the body. Then I folded the next sheet in half and cut out the arms and legs ~ very simple rounded shapes. I cut around one of the arms again to create a matching 2nd set and cut out some pointed horns. (Folding the sheet in half gives you the matching right & left sides without having to cut everything twice).

Then I folded a piece of white paper four times and cut out a circle for the eyes. I drew a dot in the center of each with a black marker & then drew & cut out the mouth as well. Of course you can play around with the numbers or shapes to create all kinds of monsters!

I had originally pictured the body running vertically, but when I asked Orson which end should be up he wanted it turned this way. I put the glue on the pieces and let him place them on the body, and we were both pretty proud when he was done!

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