Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween Treat Round-up

I love making spooky themed recipes for Halloween! Figuring out *what* to make can be tough though, so I thought I would round-up pictures of our foods from years past for inspiration. Some of these don't have recipes, since they were made by friends or family (or just made up), but I'll describe what I can.

Sand Witches

Sand Witches ~ A diamond of dough (wrapped around a cheese slice) with a strip of dough across to form the brim of the hat. Chow mein hair, olives for eyes, bugle noses, sprinkled with parmesan cheese for 'sand'.

Witch's hats

Witch Hat Cookies ~ You can use those Bugles again, this time dipped in chocolate and laid atop a (upside down) Fudgestripe cookie to create a witch's hat! (Or use them as 'sorting hats' for a HP party)

Mashed Boo-tatoes

Mashed Boo-tatoes ~ Spoon or pipe the potatoes onto a plate and add eyes & a mouth with sun dried tomatoes (or another black food)

Hot Dog Mummies

Mummy Hot Dogs ~ A classic! Wrap hot dogs or brats with strips of dough (we usually use crescent rolls) then bake until golden brown. You can leave them blind or add some eyes with ketchup, seeds, etc.

I created a coffin out of cardboard, tape, and black spray paint, then wrapped it in Press & Seal to make it safe for food. We use it every year!

Witch's Fingers

Severed Fingers ~ Roll out a snake of dough, add a slivered almond for a nail and cut some slits to make knuckles. This version used cookie dough and puffed out a little too much, so I'd recommend some kind of cookie or bread dough that doesn't spread much. This year I saw some dusted around the knuckles with cinnamon for some nice grime.

Chocolate dipped pretzels work too!

White Chocolate & Pretzel Fingers

Spooky Croutons

Crouton Creatures ~ Cut spooky shapes out of bread slices, brush them with oil and herbs, and toast them up in the oven to create some awesome croutons.

Veggie Tray Skeleton

Vile Veggies ~ Arrange a veggie tray to create a skeleton or other beasts. Snap peas make adorable bats!

Candy Corn Cheese Pizza

Candy Corn Tortillas ~ Sprinkle tortillas or pizza dough with a ring of three different cheeses, bake, and slice into wedges to look like candy corn.

Tomato Soup with eyes

Bloody Eyeball Soup ~ Tomato Soup topped with eyeballs created from mozzarella rounds and olives. Add the eyeballs right before serving so they don't have a chance to sink or melt.

Candince's Graveyard Brownies

Boneyard Brownies ~ Create the dirt with crumbled brownies (or crushed oreos) and top with Milano cookie tombstones and slithering gummy worms. My friend had lots of fun coming up with the names, piped on with black gel.

Hand-burgers, 1

Hand-burgers ~ Press meat into a hand shaped cookie cutter before grilling these up. They look awesome a little charred and dripping with ketchup.

Bone Breadsticks, 2

Breadstick Bones ~ A tube of breadstick dough makes these extra easy, or you can roll out your own. Simply snip each end of the dough and curl the sides outward to create beautiful bones.

Candy Corn Cups, take 2

Candy Corn Cups ~ I tried two different recipes for these and we didn't like either, but I do love the look of these! You can take any fluffy white dessert and divide it up, coloring 1/3 yellow and 1/3 orange, and then layer them into cups. My guests had hoped each layer would taste different though, so another year I tried this version which used vanilla pudding for the bottom layer and whipped cream for the top, which worked well. The middle layer used melted candy corn for the orange coloring, but it was much too sweet, so you'll have to get creative for the center layer.

Intestine Topping - cooked

Ghoul-ash with Intestines ~ Top any casserole with these winding coils of dough to create some gruesome intestines (once again, we used crescent rolls). Ours was filled with nice red Goulash, and was promptly re-named with an added H for fun.

Now what in the world and I going to make this year?

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Sue Hopkins said...

Thanks for the timely inspiration! I think I will try some of these ideas. If I come up with something new I'll send you a pic. Sue Hopkins