Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Round-up

Here are some of the pumpkins I decorated in years past! I rooted around in my folders & even found two that were never posted online before.

I always seem to struggle for some sort of inspiration & then finally just do *something* out of obligation. All of them (except for the last one) were done from my own designs. I wish I found the process more enjoyable! Some are carved, some are painted, and a lot were done in the years before nice cameras.

Butterfly pumpkin - 2004
2004 - Butterfly

2005 Lantern Pumpkin, 12005 Lantern Pumpkin, 2
2005 Lantern Pumpkin, 32005 Lantern Pumpkin, 4
2005 - 'Lantern' pumpkin, carved on four sides

Drooping Ambigram Pumpkin - 2006
2006 - "Harvey" Ambigram (the picture was taken a little too late, it's so droopy!)

"Happy Halloween" Pumpkin
2007 - "Happy Halloween" design from my own template

Painted Pumpkin
2008 - A tiny pumpkin with a black painted design

Carved Orange
2008 - An orange I carved like a pumpkin!

Pumpkin design detail
2008 - A pattern I drew for our rock themed party. A friend carved it here

My Pumpkin - 09
2009 - Painted & carved geometric design

2012 Pumpkin, Caved in, 1

2012 Pumpkin, Caved in, 2
2012 - For some reason this pumpkin caved in the next day, so I couldn't get a good picture. I covered the front with a black cat, snake, witch, hat, & all sorts of Halloween icons.

And this year I just pulled up a pre-made template and have an awesome pumpkin sitting out on the back porch, which I'll hopefully get to share with you later today. Have you carved yours yet?

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