Thursday, October 3, 2013

DIY Cleaners - Multi-purpose & Faux Febreze

When I am cleaning around the house I seem to gravitate towards wet wipes (like the generic version of these Clorox wipes). They are just so handy ~ pre-moistened, and you can easily toss the loose dirt along with the used wipe & pull out a clean one as needed. But I end up going through a ton of them and wanted to find a less wasteful solution.

The colorful row of bottles in this DIY cleaners post caught my eye and I ended up making several of them. The blue “Blessing in a Bottle” I did not technically make from this post, but I had already mixed half white vinegar and half blue Dawn soap at the recommendation of many posts. It’s great for cleaning the floor of the shower! I did however try out her “Cure-all” (Multi-purpose Cleaner) and “Air & Fabric Freshener” (fake Febreze), which you can see below.

DIY Cleaners, 1

I love the Multi-Purpose Cleaner and use it on most of our bathroom and kitchen surfaces. I did not use the essential oils and it does have a slight chemical smell when you use it, but that quickly fades. I also left out the green food coloring, but happened to use a green bottle! I like to use this with a roll of paper towels in lieu of the wet wipes ~ it does still create some trash but I feel like the paper towels will decompose very quickly (unlike the more fabric-y wipes), and I don't go through them as quickly since I can control the amount of cleaner.

The faux Febreze did not turn out so well though ~

DIY Cleaners, 2

It looked fine at first, but when I went to grab the bottle a few weeks later the baking soda had separated into big white floating chunks. Not pretty!  I’ll probably be dumping this one out and filling the bottle with another DIY mix in the future.

Do you use any DIY cleaners?

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