Friday, August 14, 2015

5:2 Update - Week 30, Month 7

Not much happening this month. The first two weeks I was so busy working on home renovations that I could not find the time to get back to regular exercising. I told myself it was only a few more weeks until school started and I would get back on track then. We kept up with our 2-days-a-week diet and my weight stayed the same.

Then we pigged out one weekend, and I knew I needed to get back to exercising a week earlier than planned to make up for it! My husband was also starting work that week, so I couldn't go crazy working on house stuff all day anyway. 

School is back in this week and I am back to a nice routine. I'm still doing about 10 minutes of Pilates for strength (1 Cassey Ho video) and about 10 minutes of Zumba cardio (3 songs). And I've been breaking it up a little throughout the day. It's a lot easier to convince myself to workout for only 10 minutes, or even 3 minutes, here & there. And since I'm not drenched in sweat afterward I don't even have to change in and out of workout clothes! So nice.

Progress ~ 
Since I wasn't doing much this month, my weight only went down about 1.5 lbs., but that finally bumped me past the 30 lb. weight loss mark! Woohoo! Nearly all of my measurements went down a little too, so I think that is a good sign that cutting my exercise time basically in half was not a mistake.

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