Friday, September 11, 2015

5:2 Update - Week 34, Month 8

This month I am down another 2 lbs., which is not bad considering I've been doing less. I've missed 1-2 exercise days each week just from being busy & bumped up my calorie amount on diet days (700 calories) to keep me from getting burnt out. I'm just happy to keep the number going down!

I don't mind the slow progress, but some times I think, 'I should really bust my butt the next few weeks, and I could knock off another 5 lbs. easy!'... And then life happens, and there are yummy foods around, and I continue to do the bare minimum. It's really hard to avoid food when you work at home, 1 foot away from the pantry!

5:2, 8 months, down 32 lbs.

Panda managed to sneak into my 8 month pics! They don't look much different from the 4 month pics, but I thought I'd share anyway.

The funny thing is, at 178 lb. I am just under the 'obese' mark now on the height/weight charts. I've always been pretty muscular (and even more so now with my daily strength exercises), so I think my numbers rub a bit high.

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