Saturday, March 5, 2016

Stuffed Breakfast Waffle-wiches

I kind of hate one-use kitchen items, so I'm always thrilled to see people making unusual things in a waffle maker. I've been meaning to try a recipe forever ~ I think we might have tried crisping some mashed potatoes in there years ago with little luck? These Ham, Egg, & Cheese Biscuit Wafflewiches caught my eye recently & I couldn't wait to give them a try.

Stuffed Breakfast Waffle-wiches

First, scramble 6 eggs (to make 8 waffle-wiches) in a non-stick skillet and pre-heat your waffle maker. You'll also want some Grands Flaky Layer biscuits, sliced or shredded cheese, and some sliced ham or other lunchmeat.

Separate a biscuit in half, and flatten each half a bit with your hands to stretch them out. Place them on a flat surface like your counter (or a plate or silicone baking mat) and press each with your fingers until they stretch out about 6" wide.

Waffle-wiches - sliced cheese

On one half, layer some lunchmeat, cheese, and 1/8 of the egg. If you are using sliced cheese, avoid Kraft Singles or the cheese will all melt out of the waffle and burn no matter how well you seal the edges! We learned the hard way...

Waffle-wiches - don't use Kraft singles!

We switched to shredded cheddar with no problems, but I'm sure normal sliced cheddar would work fine.

Waffle-wiches - shredded cheese

Peel up the other flattened half of the biscuit & stretch it over the top, pinching the sides shut. Poke the top with a fork a few times to let out air when waffled. 

Waffle-wiches - covered

Spray the warmed waffle maker with a little cooking spray. Peel up the whole waffle-wich and set in the middle of your waffle maker. Close the lid (as far as you can) and cook until the indicator light goes off. Meanwhile, you can start stretching the dough and prepping the next one. Cut in half and enjoy!

Stuffed Breakfast Waffle-wiches

Each waffle-wich only takes about 5 minutes to cook, but it's going to take you a while to get through all 8, so plan accordingly. If you have leftovers, they warm up well in the toaster! 

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