Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Learning the Kanji

I forgot to mention that I am now the happy owner of my own Remebering the Kanji! We were actually able to trade in a bunch of Starbucks gift cards of Justin's (neither of us drink coffee) at Plastic Jungle for some Amazon credit. The book arrived Thursday and I've been studying like crazy. (Justin is worried about me) ;)

For a little update on my progress since Christmas ~ The free online sample of RtK, which I had gone through before, goes up to kanji #276. Now I've nearly doubled that amount at about #475. I want to get through the other 1500+ kanji as quick as possible, so until it's done I'm going to hold off on learning new vocabulary and just review the sentences I've already learned. So far I've learned about 375 sentences, each of those with one or two new vocabulary words. Of course, other than that, I still can't understand a darn thing.

I know a few other girls were interested in starting, or maybe had already been learning some Japanese. How is it going? I'd love to hear updates.

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