Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Paisley Pattern, Updated

You may remember the paisley pattern I posted last month. As soon as I 'finished' it, I realized that I had set the measurements based on the size of the too-small screens that I already had, figuring I would have to make do with those. I couldn't simply re-size it for my new screens, the ratio was all off.

So, I had to pull the thing apart and get back to work on it, fixing the repeat and filling in a lot of empty area. But, I think I like the result even better, and now it is all ready to print 1/4 yard at a time like I wanted from the start. To get a size of scale, the image below will be about a full yard.

But I still can't settle on a name! I thought I had made a decision, but then my mind flits to other options. Here are a few I've been pondering today...

Vote on the name ideas here

I'd like to stick with the alliteration to give the names a theme, but perhaps I need to drop the 'paisley' idea. I hate naming things!

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