Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Super Squeegee

I can't believe I let almost two weeks slip by without a post!

My camera is partially to blame for the absence, because it now seems to be incapable of taking any close-up shots, no matter the setting. I've had to throw out most of my recent photos because of it. I'm hoping for the best, but this could be a big problem if it keeps up.

After a few slow weeks of orders, I've suddenly been bombarded with an insane number of emails. I expected ambigrams to get a little more popular with the release of the Angels & Demons movie (the book is what introduced most people to ambigrams), but the week after the release was completely dead. Things certainly seem to be picking up now, though!

And luckily I have the extra time, because I'm going to be on a screen printing hiatus for a while. I have four more screens left from the pack of 6 that ended up being too small. I've used two of the screens, divided in half, for the smaller prints you've seen around the blog. The tiny size was fine for learning how to burn and print the patterns, but it's way too much work to keep trying to print at that size. I was planning on moving up to the full screens for the rest, making do with the wrong size the best I could, but then I realized...

After I burn those screens with 4 patterns, it will be time to buy more. And once I have the larger size I thought I was buying to begin with, I'll want to move all of those patterns over to the larger size too. So instead of ending up with 4 wasted smaller screens, I'm going to try to sell them and put the money towards the larger size. Finding boxes the right size for shipping them has been impossible, and it looks like I'll either have to build some myself, or else give Craigslist a try (I've never sold on there before so I'd love some info and/or advice).

Unfortunately, there is quite a price jump between the sizes, and after hours & hours of research, I realized I really need them to be a few inches bigger than I had originally planned, and I need to get the screens custom made for the size I want. I found someone about half an hour away who can make them for me, as many or few as I want, so I won't have to deal with ordering 6 at once or paying insane shipping fees, but they will still cost twice as much as my current ones.

I am making a little progress at least. Let me introduce you to my new gigantic squeegee!

Super Squeegee

This thing is 22" long and *huge*. It's so big, it seems to be begging for a name like 'Excalibur', or something similar. Notice how much bigger it is than my current screens? Add another inch to each end, and that will be the width of the new ones.

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