Monday, September 21, 2009

Mom's Day

Saturday was all about mom. First we stopped by a Chinese buffet. They had the prettiest steam buns shaped like little peaches, I had to take a pic...

Peach-shaped Steam Bun

Then Justin, mom, and I were off to the quilt show. I took few detail shots from the show, which I'll share later on. We had to rush out of there early though, because...

Quilt Show - Marietta, Ga

We had to get mom to her surprise 50th birthday party!

Mom's 50th Birthday

Well, she knew she was going to have a party that weekend, because she asked for one, but she didn't know where, or when, or which day, etc. It was a bit of drive to the party from the quilt show, and as soon as we got on the interstate, she knew what was going on. But up until then she had no idea that was why we were driving her around for the day, or why dad had to leave that morning for a 'work emergency'. I'd say it went pretty well!

Mom's 50th

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