Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Won Ton Soup, revisited

I've been looking through some of my neglected recipes and saw the photos of the Won Ton Soup we made a while back. We only made it once, so we completely forgot about it, even though it turned out incredibly good!

Won Ton mix

We followed everything I wrote down before and the soup turned out lovely, so I think it's ready to share. I used the round wrappers we had on hand, but I'm not sure if they are official 'won tons' without the square wrappers. I think I'll include folding directions for both styles.

Won Tons wrapped

The only downside ~ with a small amount of ingredients, you can make a *lot* of won tons. This recipe makes 40-50 won tons, which is enough for 7-8 large portions. And I'm using things like 1 pack of mushrooms, 1/2 lb. sausage, 1 can water chestnuts... it wouldn't work too well to halve it. But there are only two of us! Next time I'm going to see how well they may freeze.

Won Ton Soup

Mmmm... so good!

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