Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Caroline's Robot

The week after my friend Mache's baby shower there was a shower for my cousin Caroline. Her little girl is due the day after Orson's birthday! Before she was pregnant, Caroline had fun making 'robot' sculptures out of vintage bits & sold them on Etsy or in galleries. I thought it would be just perfect to make a plush toy version of one of her robots for the baby!

I scrounged around on her Facebook & Etsy sold items for pictures before deciding on this fellow ~

Caroline's Robot, 1

And here we have my plush version, I want to say about 9 inches tall?

Caroline's Robot, 2

I made the red parts fleece for softness and the rest is mostly felt (I wish I could have found a pretty teal, but light blue was as close as I could get). I had to re-make those tiny claws about 5 times because I could not get them to turn inside out! I finally made them out of a calico and then hand-stitched them onto the arms. The rest went together smoothly though!

Caroline's Robot, 3

I embroidered the black details on the eyes, arm stripes, and radio lines. I avoided using buttons because I wanted to make sure everything was baby friendly.

Caroline's Robot, 4

And the white "Coffee" logo was done in acrylic paint and ironed to seal it on the fabric. I thought about embroidering this as well, but figured white thread might get dirty fast! The paint gives it such nice, crisp lines too.

Caroline's Robot, 5

So cute! The robot was a big hit at the shower & I brought a picture of her original robot for the girls to see along with it. I'm not sure if this was more of a gift for the baby or the mother, but I think they'll both appreciate it.

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