Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Unicoi Park (Ga)

I still have a few pictures to share from before the camera was stolen! While at Justin's parents about a month ago we decided to go on a hike at the local state park. We followed the path that wraps around the lake, enjoying the sights.

Unicoi Park, 1

Unicoi Park, 2

Unicoi Park, 3

Unicoi Park, 4

Unicoi Park, 5

Orson very quickly decided there was no way he was going to stay in that stroller, or walk, and had to be carried the rest of the way. (grumble) He also screamed hysterically when sitting on Justin's shoulders, which he normally loves, so we think he was afraid of the drop-offs along the sides of the path. And no one was allowed to carry him but poor dada. (He's normally not so demanding!)

Unicoi Park, 6

Unicoi Park, 7

Unicoi Park, 8

Unicoi Park, 9

Unicoi Park, 10

Unicoi Park, 11


Ashesela said...

Oh wow, this park looks so stunning and relaxing!! Wonderful photographs (eee that blue bird is so beautiful!! :D)!

Tharvey said...

Thank you! It was really pretty.