Thursday, July 26, 2012

Yay nails!

I've missed taking pics of my nails since my camera got stolen! I pulled out our old Canon Powershot & it looks like the girl's still got some life left in her after all. ;)

Here is the first stamping I've done in a while. The base color is Color Club "Cold Metal" - a really pretty, shimmery blue I picked up to replace the crappy blue from my patriotic manicure. And best of all - no staining! Blues like this are usually bad at staining your fingers & nails but this one came off clean. You can see some good swatches of the color here (though I don't think mine is quite so bright).

Blue with silver lines (Bundle Monster)

I stamped with my trusty Pure Ice "Silver Mercedes" and the Bundle Monster plate BM-201. I've been avoiding full nail prints because they are too small for my thumb (and even the width of my middle finger) but with this it was easy to just draw out the rest of the line to the edge of the nail. For more complex designs I think I'm just going to give up & buy some larger prints!

I'm currently wearing this insane pink glittery goodness from Claire's called "Candy Shop". I'm not a fan of pink but I couldn't pass up the cute overload. It reminds me of cotton candy crystals, cupcakes with sprinkles, and Disney princess bling.

Claire's "Candy Shop"

With all of the glitter this one has been a little brittle & chippy but it's very easy to touch-up seamlessly.

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