Sunday, October 7, 2012

Red Over Black Nails - Success!

You may remember me posting about my quest to find a red polish that would stamp over black and my many failed attempts so far. (Luckily I was able to sell the disappointments!) I gathered up my courage to buy the next lead on my list, No Miss "Palmdale Paprika", and we have a winner!

Red & Black Kanji Nails (Bundle Monster)

I created this fun manicure to wear to Japan Fest. I used No Miss "Palmdale Paprika" stamped over Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in "Black Out" and the Bundle Monster plates BM-203, BM-206, and BM-225 (all from the 2nd set). On my ringer finger and thumb I used Spoiled "Ants in My Pants" (a red glitter mix) over the black base and the reds matched so well!

The red showed up really well, especially bright light, but good indoors as well. So much, much better than my previous attempts!! "Palmdale Paprika" is a bit of a red/orange duochrome in the bottle it didn't seem to shift to orange when stamped (not sure if it would on a full nail). I've also got to give a nod to the Xtreme Wear polish, which had very little chipping after a week of wear.

The downside of No Miss "Palmdale Paprika" is the price. The polish is about $9, and once you add on shipping it's nearly $13! (Amazon) Much more than I like to spend on a polish, but I also know how hard it was to find a good stamping red. And I lucked out!! They accidentally sent my order twice and said not to return the 2nd bottle! I am a lot happier spending $13 for 2. Definitely check your local 'hippie grocery stores' for this brand to see if you can avoid the high shipping costs.

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