Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gradient Stamping

My nails have been naked for over 2 weeks now - it's craziness! I was planning on doing something simple to match my costume for Halloween but wanted to wait until I was done making the costume first so I wouldn't mess up the polish with spray paint, Sharpie, glue, etc. Of course I was working on the costume until the last minute so that never happened! Now I'm just sick & nauseous & don't feel like doing *anything*. It's a shame too, because I have new nail plates to try out! Maybe next week.

Red, Purple, Blue Gradient (Bundle Monster)

Meanwhile, here is an old manicure that got bumped by Halloween goodness. The base is Wet N Wild "Silvivor" with a gradient stamp using Color Club "Cold Metal" (blue), Color Club "Wild at Heart" (purple), and No Miss "Palmdale Paprika" (red) with Bundle Monster plate BM-212. To create the gradient you just place a dot of each color along the side of the plate & drag it across. Next time I'll probably try blending the dots together a little first with a toothpick to see if it helps the colors transition better.

After two nails I decided I wasn't really loving the color combos & didn't finish the others. I'll have to find a better base for the lovely blue, purple, and red next time. Now I at least have some nail wheels so I can test these things out beforehand!

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Lizzy O. said...

Awww very nice. Lovely lovely love! I must try this soon