Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Tree Nails

Can you believe this is the first nail art I've done since Halloween? (And I've only painted my nails once since then) I had to force myself to get back to it before I missed all of Christmas.

Christmas Tree Nails

At first I was planning on doing something like this, but with silver garland (separate from the background color). Then I realized I'd have to tape off the tree, paint the silver, and then sit around with tape on my hand waiting for that to dry before adding the small tape & 2nd color. Never mind! I decided to go with this similar idea instead.

The base is China Glaze "Ruby Pumps" with Kleancolor "Metallic Green" for the tree, topped with Claire's "Bedazzled" for the ornaments. I wish the glittery ornaments showed up a little better against the green, but this is the only larger-glitter topcoat I have! (That might be remedied by Christmas - there is a lot of nail polish on my list!) I tried adding a dot of silver at the top of the tree for a star, but didn't like the look & wiped it off.


Lizzy O. said...

Oh Goodness! This is Gorgeous!!!

I am gonna share this link on my facebook page.
Hope that's ok with you. SO pretty!!

Tharvey said...