Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dinners for the Week

Before Thanksgiving we bought a giant turkey while they were on sale & popped it in the freezer. We ate a big meal on Thanksgiving with Justin's family, so we waited until a week after to pull out or own bird. We made our turkey dinner last weekend, with enough leftovers to enjoy for a few meals (lots of lunches) and also freeze a ton for future recipes. This week we made ~

► Turkey dinner (2+ dinners) - with mashed potatoes & gravy, stuffing, green beans (cooked in the crockpot), and some store-bought dinner rolls.

► "Nana's Casserole" with Kielbasa (on the side) - This casserole is a Thanksgiving staple on Justin's side - broccoli, cauliflower, wild rice, French onions, and a creamy-cheesy sauce. We had enough food to make the first night so we decided to make this for a separate meal & then mix-&-match the leftovers as desired.

► Breakfast for dinner - Bought some bacon to cook with the green beans, but we ended up using the turkey neck instead! Oh well. We planned one night with bacon and Belgium waffles or eggs & grits (depending on our mood).

I've already used some shredded turkey in a lunch soup - snagging the broth from my Hot & Sour Soup recipe, I just tossed it in with some thin rice noodles. I've already got lots of ideas for what to do with the rest of it!

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Marilyn M. King said...

I want to come live with you. Oh Well. I wish I liked to cook. :) Poor Kenn.....