Saturday, June 1, 2013

Before & After

Luckily I snapped a belly shot 2 days before Pandora arrived so you can just how gigantic I got! (Here is Orson's last pic for comparison. I was induced about 2 weeks later so I did get bigger!) And just for laughs I'm including a shot from after the delivery. It was taken about a week later when my milk came in and I temporarily looked like I had a boob job! We joked that the pictures look as if someone pushed in my belly and it all ballooned out up top.

2 Days Before (Panda)1 Week After (Panda)

You can find more pics & info on the Harvling blog. Here are lots of Pandora pics and the story of her birth.

Pandora, smile

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Lizzy O. TheDIYLady said...

Awww cute baby!!! Congrats. :-)