Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tree Wall-Art Tweaks

Justin's generous mother-in-law took us to Hobby Lobby to pick out some wall-art for Pandora's room shortly after she arrived. We found lots that we liked, but had trouble finding things that worked well together. Unfortunately the trip was a little too soon for me ~ I was not doing too well after walking around that giant store, so we had to cut the search short and head home. We did grab one of our favorite pieces on the way out though, and it was even on clearance for super cheap. Score!

Tree Before

I really liked the tree, but something kept nagging at me. I realized that the colors were *slightly* off ~ My artist-eye can be a little to picky sometimes! The flowers were a light, neon pink, which I thought would look better darker and not one solid color. The background was a little too baby blue as well, and I thought teal would suit a little girl's room better. So I pulled out the paints and went to work, happy to have a crafty project to work on. Here is the result ~

Tree After

The biggest change being the flowers ~

Tree - Flower shot

I'm loving the changes, even if it did end up taking longer than I expected. And it feels nice to add a little personal touch to the nursery decorations! Now I'm considering doing a painting for Orson's room (from scratch this time) ~ we have plenty of canvases in the basement!

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