Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Geometric Trim For Plain Cloth Bins

We bought a red cabinet from Target a while back to add a little more storage in our kitchen. Since the front is glass, I wanted to use something to hide the kitchen tools & pantry items and add a little flair. I searched forever for some fun bins, but finally had to give up & pick up some cheap, plain black ones. As you can see though, they are pretty boring and make the inside of the cabinet look solid black. (Sorry for the terrible glass glare!)

Black Totes, 1

I decided to add a strip of geometric print fabric to each bin & found a lovely print on Amazon. One yard was more than enough to cover all four bins & I love how they turned out!

Black Totes, 2

First I cut some interfacing to the size I wanted the strip and used a glue stick to stick it on the fabric, making sure to line it up with the print. I cut the fabric a little past the interfacing, folded down the edge, and glued it again. Then I topstitched around the edge of the strip, wrapped it around the bins, and stitched along the top to hold them in place. Now we're putting that glass to good use!

Black Totes, 3

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