Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Crafting (with Kids)

The last two weeks I've been trying to fit in lots of Christmas crafting with Orson. We made this candycane and wreath by stringing Fruit Loops on pipecleaners, which turned out pretty cute! But before I could get a picture of them, Panda rolled over to the tree and stole the wreath, ripping it apart. I was going to fix it, but then Orson ripped apart the candy cane and asked if he could eat the cereal so I gave him the wreath too. Oh well!

We are in the process of making about 7 presents for grandma's and aunts, but those need to stay secret for now! I wanted to make something for a couple of our friends too, so I put together some cards for him to color. I had planned on cutting out some random things from his Christmas coloring book, but then I noticed the Star Wars coloring book and decided to do a mash-up. I had a little too much fun with these!

Here are the cards before he colored them. It kind of looks like the clones are sneaking up on the elves, but I was go for more of a 'slave driver' thing ~

Star Wars Xmas Cards, uncolored

And here they are colored ~

Star Wars Xmas Cards, colored

Good use of the reds and greens! Orson's not much into coloring lately so I was happy he did this much.

And I just realized there is one more friend that really needs a card, so I better pull my scissors back out!

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